We Care

We provide the international market with specialized horticultural products meeting high quality standards, with sustainability and comprehensive development.

The rich and naturally healthy Maas on the market!

Thanks to our rigorous production controls, you will always have the ideal balance of vitamins A, B, C and minerals necessary for your health care.

Due to its high content of Lycopene, it is scientifically proven that it helps prevent diseases such as cancer.

It is beneficial for eyesight and helps reduce cholesterol and hypertension.

The tomato is a vegetable with no fat or protein, very low in calories, the perfect ally for any slimming diet. 100 grams of tomato provide only 18 calories

We Care


We use only what is necessary, we make the most of all our natural resources. We save more than 80% of water in our processes since we have rainwater collection reservoirs with volumes of more than 3,500 cubic meters.

After this, we have filtration and reverse osmosis systems, which guarantees us to use only clean and potable water in our production processes.
We Care


We use compostable crops based on coconut fiber in Agricola Maas all our plants are planted in natural coconut fiber friendly with the environment, which at the end of each cycle become fertilizer for the land, supporting sustainability and our environment.
At AGRICOLA MAAS we are aware that we have a commitment and responsibility in our environment, actively and generously attending to current problems. That is why our work culture is based on responsible competitiveness, which seeks and promotes achieving the goals and objectives of our employees and the organization.


We like to take care of the environment, that is why we continually carry out actions today that contribute to reducing the effects of global warming for future generations; one of these actions is the recycling of paper and cardboard. On average, we recycle 28,240 kilos per month, which is equivalent to the life of around 38 trees per month.
We participate in reforestation campaigns that contribute to the oxygenation of the planet. It should be noted that we also collect batteries at a corporate level, as well as plastic bottle caps from soft drinks, fabric softeners, etc.; which we donate to a cap bank in Mexico City that aims to generate resources to treat cancer in children.
We promote values, living participatory leadership schemes, solidarity, service and respect for human rights and dignity.
We promote favorable working conditions for the quality of life, human and professional development of the entire community, emphasizing the contribution to the preservation of the environment.
We identify and support social causes as part of our business action strategy, participating in alliances with other companies, civil society organizations, government, in the discussion, and proposals regarding attention to social issues of public interest.


To maintain the highest quality of our processes and our products, we inspect, measure and verify all the needs of the plants from the beginning until its harvest and packing; each fruit is reviewed according to the standards and regulations of the country to which our products are exported.