We provide the international market with specialized horticultural products meeting high quality standards, with sustainability and comprehensive development.
Our History

begins in 1951

This is where our founder, Mr. Enrique García Árciga, began the trajectory of Nu3 Group, a family business that has consolidated and diversified over time in the agro-industry sector.

After the incorporation of his sons Enrique and Guillermo, a great combination is generated; the vision of a new generation and the experience of the founder are determining factors in the vertical integration of many agro-industrial companies in the group.
Our History

Natural environment

At Agricola Maas we appreciate the natural environment of our region and we are aware that it provides us with great wealth, we are fortunate to live out this experience since it is an important part of our daily work as a provider of fertility, incomparable climate and a great human warmth, generating fresh products.
Our tomatoes and cucumbers are free of harmful chemical agents, taking food safety rigorously. By having vegetables grown in hydroponic greenhouses, our products are capable of capturing more nutrients, by keeping them environmentally controlled in a small portion of substrate, resulting in a delicious flavor.
Our History


As a result of the brotherhood between Agricola Maas in the production part and Maas Farms as the one in charge of linking us, we are convinced that you will be able to feel our quality in the correct timing to witness together the freshness and characteristic flavor of our products.
In 2007, following with our good vertical integration that characterizes us as a group; MAAS FARMS is born shortening the gap between the grower, retailer and consumer. Our company has the ability to ensure the quality of your product since our seed growing company to the growing company until your table, bringing our products to your plate just in time with the quality and freshness for which we have been known by all consumers who are part of our community throughout North America; our daily work is shared with the largest number of people around America the quality, freshness and richness of our vegetables, grown by means of hydroponics and selected under the highest quality standards.