We provide the international market with specialized horticultural products meeting high quality standards, with sustainability and comprehensive development.

Within the MAAS packaging

We work under the strictest quality and safety standards, we have the highest technology infrastructure in our packaging and greenhouses, this allows us to give better results and satisfaction to our customers; 90% of our production is directed to the foreign market (USA and Canada), in addition we implement strict food safety and quality standards in our national and international products.

In terms of production, MAAS greenhouse has the highest technology greenhouses. This allows us to take better care of the crop at all stages;

  • Germination and growing of the seeds
  • Transplant
  • Harvest
  • Packing
  • Distribution

We cultivate grafted plants with the best varieties in the market.


Once the plant has developed and the tomatoes have reached their physiological maturity, they are harvested according to the customer’s requirements.

Cultural work

We have qualified labor and in continuous training for the management of the plant.


For the control of pests and diseases we use biological control and biological products in addition to having pest and disease monitoring systems.

This has allowed us to better manage hydroponic cultivation, in addition to implementing agricultural practices and thus ensuring the quality and safety of the product.



At Agricola Maas, 60% of rainwater is used by capturing it true waterproof roofs that are directed to the reservoir and later the water is treated by means of reverse osmosis to be used in all our processes and always guarantee safety of the irrigation water for our products, offering you the security you deserve.